Our experience in the profession and qualified personnel. A warm and friendly welcome. Security is paramount ! Our boat and equipment are specially equipped for this activity. We regularly change the parachutes and the rope.
A swimsuit is appropriate. You can leave on board the boat items or clothing that you do not want to bring during the flight.
You will be submerged underwater for a few seconds, up to hip height. You can ask not to be wet but it's not fun 😉
The risks are very minimal. The materials are approved for this activity. Even if a problem should happen, you have your parachute and you will descend quietly. We'll even have time to get you on the boat before you even touch the water 😀
There is no problem of vertigo. You are comfortably seated with your feet in the air.
You can go parasailing as early as 4 years old. From 4 to 15 years old: You must be accompanied by a parent or legal representative. 16 to 17 years old: You can do this activity without being accompanied but must sign a release. From 18 years: You are major and vaccinated 😀
You must arrive 15 (fifteen) minutes before the time of your flight session. Indeed, this time is necessary for the deposit of your items, cashing in case of payment on the spot, your preparation (vest, security deposit etc ...). Corsica Sensation reserves the right to refuse any person who arrives late. We will propose the postponement of your flying session on a new time slot or on a new day. NO refunds will be made.
The Corsica Sensation company proposes you : Your video Full HD on a micro SD card: 20 €. You will have at your disposal a GoPro of last generation during your flight. You will be able to film yourself as well as the different panoramas that the island of beauty reserves.
Yes, but it is your responsibility.
No. As a precaution and safety measure.
Corsica Sensation can not predict the weather. We advise you to inquire about the weather on your own. We make every effort to ensure that your flight session is successful. In case of force majeure (meteorological or material), resulting in non-departure, Corsica Sensation will automatically propose: - Postponing your flight session to another time slot or another day. - The full refund via the payment method you chose when booking.
Rates are posted on our website. The price is decreasing according to the chosen formula. We regularly offer promotional codes (to be applied when booking), available on the Corsica Sensation homepage. In case you are a group with many people, the company Corsica Sensation can study and send you a single price. For this, thank you to contact us via the form available in the tab "Contact / Contact Us".